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WIRELOCK is the original cold socketing compound for use with wire ropes and eliminates the hazards of working with a molten metal , allowing socketing to be done onsite in virtually all weather conditions.

-100% termination efficiency
-Temperature operating range is -65° F to +240° F (-54°C to +116°C)
-Ideal for on-site applications
-No hazardous molten metal
-Improved fatigue life
-Pouring temperature without booster pack is 48° F to 110° F (6.67°C to 43.3°C)
-One booster pack if pouring temperature is 35° F to 48° F (1.67°C to 8.89°C)
-Two booster packs if pouring temperature is 27° F to 35° F (-2.78°C to +1.67°C)
Refer to Crosby® Wire Rope End Terminations Manual for more information

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