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Round Sling

Round Sling

Round Slings are an endless loop of yarns, covered by a woven tubular jacket. Our range of round slings can lift anywhere between 1 to 30 tonnes, so naturally the round sling is a preferable option if you have to lift a load exceeding 6 tonnes. All of the load-bearing polyester yarns in the round slings have a protective polyester sleeve, ensuring product durability and safety when lifting heavy loads. Each of our round slings has a different weight capacity, so make sure you’re ordering the correct product for the weight limit you require to avoid any potential risks.

Round Sling comes with inhouse test certificate and metal tag.

1 Ton round sling
2 Ton round sling
8 Ton round sling
3 Ton round sling
10 Ton round sling
4 Ton round sling
5 Ton round sling

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