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Onsite Inspection

Onsite Inspection

According to the ASME, all lifting equipment must undergo inspection at least once every year. Inspections may be required more frequently however, depending on the duty cycle of the equipment.

Malaysia provinces regulate overhead lifting equipment by stating that Employers and Employees shall follow the guidelines set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). ASME B30.9 covers wire rope slings, chain slings, web slings or synthetic slings and round slings. ASME B30.20 covers below the hook lifting devices such as spreader bars, spreader beams, lifting magnets, vacuum lifters, tirfors, lever hoists (pullers), manual hoists (Chain fall), and plate clamps.

Within the ASME standards it states that all lifting equipment shall undergo a periodic inspection at a minimum of at least once a year. Periodic inspections may be required could be more frequent depending on the duty cycle of the equipment. A periodic inspection is a documented visual inspection completed by a competent person.

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