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Grommet Sling

Grommet Sling

Prem Holdings fabricates heavy lifting slings such as cable laid grommets, endless grommet slings and braided slings to meet client’s requirements, complying to industry standards such as EN 13414-3 and IMCA M179.

Grommet Wire Rope slings are made from one continuous strand of wire wire rope.  The endless construction gives it the ability to be made in very short circumferences.  Additionally, a Cable Grommet design gives extra capacity for the same size diameter rope in an equivalent eye to eye style sling.

Rope-laid grommets are also available.

• Forms a continuous loop sling
• Available in a wire rope or six strand body
• Mechanical or hand spliced connection

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Grommet Wire Rope With Eyes and Thimble

Grommet Wire Rope With Large Eyes

Grommet Wire Rope With Eyes

Grommet Wire Rope With Thimble

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